Transparent Ward 2 Appointment Process

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The Huber Heights City Charter does not specify a process for appointing a replacement council member.  Here are a couple suggestions that would make the process transparent and allow residents to get the best look at the potential candidates:

The first suggestion is to hold the interviews in public and to put them on video so that residents can go back and watch them.  In the past it has been suggested that these interviews should be done behind closed doors.  Any person that intends to be on the Dias representing the people almost every week should be willing and able to present themselves in public.  This goes for interviewing for the position. 

The next suggestions are similar.  It would be great if council gave applicants the opportunity before the interviews to sit at the Ward 2 seat and address the public on camera for five or ten minutes.  The candidates should be able to give residents a short presentation on why they would like the position and the benefits they bring.  This could be done at any time day or night and the recording of the videos can be placed on the city's website.  

Finally, the city should publish the response portion of the application even before the videos are made.

These great suggestions would make the Ward 2 appointment transparent and help residents know the candidate and eventual member of council.   


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