Tyler Starline implies the Huber Heights School Board are idiots

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If you look at this chart you will see three different ways the Alcore TIF could have been created and the amount of money the school board would receive under each method. 

Alcore TIF to Schools first 10 year options
You can see from this chart that if a Non-School TIF were created it would have generated $2,561,588 dollars for the schools, over the first ten years of the TIF.  Instead Tyler tells you the school board voluntarily signed up to receive $768,477 from the 70/30 TIF so the city could use the $1,793,111 difference to help pay off the Music Center.
To put this in perspective Sheri Combs recently wrote in a Facebook post that it may take as little as $200,000 a year to restore busing to Huber Heights City Schools.  Divide the $1.793 million by 10 years and that equals about $180,000 a year.  So according to Ms. Combs’ figures, for just $20,000 more a year the School Board could be providing busing to our kids, if they had just not decided to help the city pay for the Music Center.   What kind of idiots make that kind of decision? 
Or should the real question be, “who would actually believe our school board would give away school busing if other factors like the city could have imposed the 75/25 option and a $640,397 total payment if the school did not voluntarily agree to take $768,477. 
The answer to that question would be Tyler Starline. 
Post Script:  Obviously, I am frustrated that we did not have a full discussion on converting the Alcore TIF to a non-school TIF.  But I am equally disappoint all the council members present committed to passing legislation Monday that tells staff to go to the school and “negotiate” a similar deal.  

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