Housing to Youth

I was looking at the procedures to start an llc and found this interesting in the context of all the questions about Concept 1.  I wonder if they have the referenced letter and if they do why they didn't provide it.  It certainly would have helped their credibility. 

Some of the reasons to add an attachment would be in the following situations:
* The business name you have selected is already in use in Ohio, then you must upload the Consent for Use of a Similar Name form (Click here to obtain form 590 in pdf format)  to proceed with the business filing.
* The business name contains a word such as “bank” or “trust” then you need to upload a letter from the Ohio Commerce Division of Financial Institutions to use the name. 
* The purpose of your business is to provide housing to youth, then you will need to upload a letter from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services  with approval to start your business. 
* The business information would not fit in the text fields provided on this system and you need additional space to provide additional information.
* There are more than 3 representatives authorizing the filing of this form.