Pokemon Go, Tennis and Volleyball at Thomas Cloud

Thomas and I went over to play tennis tonight.  Even though it was nearly 90 degrees, I was happy to see others using the park.  There were quiet a few trying to play Pokemon Go.  A couple of the players stopped for pictures.  You can see it is a game for all ages.  There were others playing tennis and volleyball too. 

Are there any tennis players out there that have organized a tennis ladder or other group method for getting a game?  Is there anyone else that would be interested in being part of a tennis ladder?  Send me an email.  tennis@HuberResidents.org

Thomas Cloud July 2016
Pokemon Go Players Pokemon Go Players
Pokemon Go Players at Thomas Cloud Pavilion Pokemon Go Players at Thomas Cloud
Pokemon Go Volleyball
Pokemon Go  Volleyball
Tennis Tennis

Park Clean up day is July 29th.  See the details and volunteer.