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Download: The Heights - Tax Revenues Generated for Various Government Entities

25th November 2012

Executive Summary:
The Heights retail, hospitality and office development will significantly increase the economic activity in the region and generate millions of dollars of public funds for the City of Huber Heights, Huber Heights Consolidated School District, Montgomery County and the State of Ohio.

This document was revealed on the day the residents first learned about the Heights Development Project

News: Montgomery County 2013 Candidates List

  • Posted 3rd April 2013, 8:51 PM
  • By Janell

Montgomery County 2013 Candidates List

News: PSA Montogomery County Prosecutor Office

  • Posted 7th May 2013, 6:52 AM
  • By Janell

Please take a minute and look at the upcoming events for our county.  Thank you!

News: Admin Committee meeting notes from Sept 4, 2013

I requested through FOIA the financial reports that show what council used to determine if we had enough money to pay for the Aquatic Center and the Music Center.  I was given the answer to that request at the beginning of the meeting.  I posted them here.

Music Center Update:  

  • There was a discussion on the color scheme.  The project manager recommended using the color scheme that has appear

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