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Pay check is now delivered Electronically

I received the first pay stub for a direct deposit of my Mayor pay. 
As with last month I did receive a free meal as part of my attending the Mayors and Managers monthly meeting.  If you are in Oakwood I'd highly recommend Flyboy's Deli.  The Mayor's and Managers meeting included an interesting presentation about GE's involvement in the Dayton community.  Unlike last month where there were two other free meals this was the only one in…

It can be a misdemeanor not to cut your grass.

There is a proposed tree cutting ordinance.  One interesting item is that if you fail to comply it could result in your being charged with a minor misdemeanor.  

WHEREAS, the City Council has determined that it is in the best interest of the City to add a new Section 521.11 regarding the duty to remove nuisance trees in the public right of way in order to enhance the effective and efficient delivery…

City Manager announces Coffee and Conversation

Click here to view the announcement for the first of many “Coffee and Conversation” sessions hosted by interim city manager Rob Schommer.  The first will be Thursday February 27 from 10:00 to 11:00 at the Senior Center.  Many other sessions will be held at different locations in the community.


Check out this event and RSVP (not required) on our Facebook page.!/

Update– Yes, I know I'm a fat old man that can't make sentences

This article did not produce the results I was expecting.  I was hoping when I wrote it someone would have relayed the message I was trying to convey in this excerpt of the council meeting video.  This is the same message I was trying to convey in the flier I produced prior to the meeting and it is the same message I've produced below.

For the record, I appreciate the words of sympathy from…

Yes, I know I'm a fat old man that can't make sentences

Last night at the council meeting there was a long discussion on a number of issues: Rules of Council, the Election materials, City Attorney

My wife tells me that for most of the night my mannerisms and speaking ability made it impossible for people to get any of points I was trying to make.

Do you remember if there was anything that came across other than style?

Tom McMasters
Mayor of Huber Heights

Taylorsville Road Detour

I received the following email messages form the City Manager concerning a hazzardous condition on Taylorsville rd between State Route 201 and Bellefontaine Rd .

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to pass this on in case you get any inquiries.  This decision was necessary to make sure we can adequately address the road hazards.  There is no "hot" asphalt available right now and the only method available…

Please contact Ms. Kaleps asking her to propose a change in the Adm…

Bottom line up front --when reading this post it is important to know:
1.  Currently according to Roberts Rules of Order the Mayor is a voting member of every committee and eligible to be named or elected as chair of any of the committees (Clarifying information: former Mayors have chosen not to exercise these privileges).
2.  The proposed changes to the Rules of Council not only eliminates the Mayor’s committee vote but also eliminates all other authority previously given the…

Interesting items on both Admin and Public works agenda's Tuesday F…

The agenda items for the Public Works and Administration Committee meetings Tuesday Feb 18, 2014 are available.  The Public Works meeting has a few items that some residents should be interested in.  There is an update on the progress to the Thomas Cloud Restroom / Concession stand construction project on the agenda.  This should include a timeline of milestone events.  The read aheads for the…

Do we have enough information about how the Music Center should be…

Help me out.  One of the last decisions to be made concerning the Music Center is how it will be managed.  This is important because it is likely that operating costs will be paid from the General Fund.  Council hasn't done a good job telling us how much the center could lose or make over the next couple of years but we do know that there probably is a $200,000 to $400,000 difference depending…

Here's my position on emergency legislation

Mark Campbell made some comments last council meeting.  I'm tempted to characterize them but you can watch them yourself.  Below the video I've pulled forward a couple of the articles where I've written my thoughts on the use of Emergency Legislation.  I've also posted the text of some email traffic where I've tried to engage council on the issue. 

For those of you that have been to this post…

So you want to be Mayor?

Why not?   The job comes with a paycheck!

PERS is the contribution to the retirement system
MED should be medicaid contributions
OH is the state income tax
HUB is the city income tax

Anyone know off the top of their heads what FWTM supports?

Beyond the paycheck, in January the job also included dinners / food when I attended the Chamber of Commerce event, a Mayor and Managers meeting,…

Don't know what to do!

I know this may sound crazy but my wife and I are being harassed and terrorized. For over 2 years this has been going on and we cannot get nobody to help us. For the last 8 months they have been putting some kind of gas into our home. I have talked to the police a Lt. McMillan and the FBI advised us to talk to the police chief but that was impossible to do no one will help. I have asthma and this is not doing me any good and who knows what other health problems may come from this.

Trash Service delayed one day – Week of Feb 5th

This note came from the city manager:

Greetings All,


Republic has delayed pick-up by one day.  They are conducting a “blast-call” to their customers for notification purposes.  Just letting you know in case you are asked by a resident.  Thanks.

Postponed Weather - Levy Survey presentation 6:00 pm Tuesday during…

The City Manager just sent out a message concerning the committee meetings tonight:

"Due to the imminent weather coming into our area, the committee meetings originally scheduled for tonight, February 4th have been CANCELLED.  This includes the Public Works Committee and Administration Committee.
The most recent forecasts show areas of heavy snow between 5pm and 7pm which might create…

"Random" survey's

Change the way HH city does business…"random" survey's should not be "random" if residents want to participate in a survey but are told they cannot because the survey was/is random.  OPEN government is not conducting a random survey then using the results of that survey to make policy! Let's see an open call to ALL residents (taxpayers and others), property owners and renters alike! 

Discussion about Tax Levy sought for Monday's Council Meeting Jan 2…

If you Download the PDF Packet for Monday's council meeting at the end you will find this read ahead:

City Official Reports and Comments
A. Mayor Tom McMasters will begin the City Official Reports and Comments by addressing the City budget and tax levy issues. Examination of the City’s 2014 budget caused the Finance Director to recommend starting a discussion on how best to raise revenues…

City Income or Property tax measure - additional content added Mond…

What is the best course forward? 
Are Huber Heights residents interested in a town hall or internet discussion on this issue?
Prior to Feb 5th City council will likely vote to place a tax levy on the ballot for May. The only General Session meeting schedule before then will be held Jan 27th. Now is the time to become informed on the issues that makes council believe this is the best way forward.  It is also the time to provide your input on this…

Broadband Communities

The Mayor of Huber Heights doesn't get an office or a computer.  Eventually, I should get an Ipad that will be used in committee meetings instead of printouts, but the Mayor does get a mailbox.  Judging from my first mail pick up, it looks like there will be a lot of magazines delivered to this mailbox.  American City and County has an article in issues & trends titled "All hail shale".  The…

Trash Service Change for next week (6 - 11 Jan).

I received an email from City Manager Rob Schommer relaying a message from Republic concerning trash pick-up next week. 
This is the important part of the message: 
"With this in mind we have elected to close the offices (Cincinnati, Dayton, Covington & Williamstown) and suspend trash collection for Monday.  Our plan is to resume collection on Tuesday and operate on a one day delayed…

Meet the new Mayor Jan 13, 2014 6 pm

Thanks everyone that came out to the reception, sent me an email, wrote me a note or thought about doing any of these.  I haven't had time yet to look at the video of the council meeting but I think it went alright given that I'm prone to stage fright.

Watch the council meeting from the city website



TIF and Ms. Brock

Monday night Ms Brock spoke Monday at the City Council meeting and was quoted in the Courier.  You can watch the her comments from the city's website.  Citizen comments occur after the presentations of keys to the city and other accolades for service well done.  My wife tells me I should have posted my comment to the article here on  Here it is.

School Board Member Anita…

Council Meeting Dec 9, 2013 and Emergency Legislation

The agenda and read aheads are available for the Monday Dec 9, 2013 meeting.  The biggest items on the agenda are 12G and 12H.  12G tells us Mr. Dave Studebaker turned in his resignation and 12H tells us Chief Schommer will be the interim city manager starting December 27th.  Also, lets talk Emergency Legislation. There are other interesting items but I will let you review them by clicking the…

How about a Music Store in Huber?

Friday while my kids and I were out buying a uculele I was bouncing a Music Store idea off my kids.  This morning I was reading the online addition to the DDN and see that Hauer Music is moving all the way down to Washington Township making a Huber Music store even more viable. 
This will be a quick post since I really have a lot of things I want to write and chores I need to do.  For…

Music Center Web Cam is up

From the city's web page you can see it here 

This is a still photo that shows that it worked this morning. 

This link may take you there directly, though I'm having network problems and can't confirm this.

Income (maybe property) Tax marketing firm

I am disappointed that the read ahead for next week's committee meetings are not yet posted.  I did get the agenda's as an email last week.  I'll post further below.  But since the read ahead are missing it gives me the opportunity to address agenda item F from the 25 Nov 2013 Council meeting.

"A Resolution Authorizing The City Manager To Seek Out And Present To Council For Its Consideration…

2014 City Budget discussion

Last nights Administration Committee meeting included a discussion of the draft 2014 budget.  The short version is available on the city website.  I've scanned and posted the larger version of the draft budget.  Sorry it is not searchable (and it is 11mb).  The city finance director has again this year warned council that there is a systemic problem with the budget (we are spending more than…

Yes, it looks like I will be Mayor

From the Montgomery County Board of Election Website.  The Election Results show that Mark Campbell was re-elected Large, Tom McMasters was elected Mayor and the School Levy did not pass.   In Miami County the Mayoral race was 91 McMasters  69 Fisher,  for Council at Large 80 Hamilton, Campbell 66.  See the full Miami County results.

Though is a…

Huber Home Rental makes national news - Homeowners should be concerned

Update - here is a quote from the November 7th addition of the Dayton Daily News that help clarify the article I wrote originally.

Hedgefund cuts back on request   Investment group seeks less tax relief on Huber Heights units.

  By Lynn Hulsey

"If approved, the appeals would cut the company’s property taxes and would require the return of as much as $524,668 in 2012 tax revenues   already

City taking more School & less county money than we thought

City to take $1.7 million dollars of the school's money from just one TIF property.

Updated - I re-read section (F) of ORC5709.40 and believe I misinterpreted the exemptions for the library, park and Human Services levies. This edit changed the calculation to reflect library, park and Human Services exemptions from TIF.

Monday night during the City Council meeting the Assistant City Manager…

How much do TIF Funds cost the schools?

TIF funds are modified property taxes.  The money in a TIF fund is money that normally would be paid to the schools, police and fire funds, libraries, parks etc. 
My son and I went to the Montgomery County Auditors webpage found the tax levy distribution breakout and then created an Excel file so that we could calculate how much of the money the new Family Dollar (Brandt pk)  and the new…