Mayors Vision

Mayor's Vision: North of Taylorsville Road

Some people like to discuss Huber Heights as having two parts; one north of I-70 and one south of I-70.  The line that would show the most difference in thought probably would be the county line.  The different schools and different mailing addresses lead to markedly different community identities.   Consider the city from an economic perspective and the natural line becomes Taylorsville road

Mayor's Vision -  Part .4 - What makes me tick?

Mayor’s Vision and 2017 initiatives; part .2 - .4  Continued from: Mayor's Vision - Part .2  
Depending on your background and interests getting the best value for our tax dollars will mean different things to different people.  I start this section of the essay by pointing out the things that attracted my wife and I to Huber Heights. This will help you understand some of my current positions