Open Meeting Act Lawsuit - Summary Judgment

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Some of you may be aware that I filed a lawsuit against the City hoping to compel them into complying with the Ohio Sunshine Laws.  I identified multiple violations over the past couple of years.  All the Court filings to date can be found at then inputing 2021 CV 01213 as the case number.  Find the "Docket" in the top menu and this will pull up all the documents.   

The important documents to look at now are MOTION: SUMMARY JUDGMENT FILED BY THOMAS MCMASTERS filed on 7/18/2021.  In this document I make my case of the violations.  The other document to look at is MEMORANDUM DEFENDANT'S MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION TO PLAINTIFF'S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT FILED BY MATTHEW HAUER filed 9/17/2021.  This is the City response.  

The next step is for me to rebut the points made by the City.  One of the things that I find amazing is that the City is fighting tooth and nails not to allow the video recordings of the meetings to be considered.  I asked the two Mayoral candidates to provide an affidavit explaining that the video recordings are a more accurate representation of what has gone on during the meetings than the minutes approved by council.  If you are inclined you could prompt them to provide this affidavit prior to next Thursday.  I also appreciate any feedback, legal research, suggestions you may be able to send my way.  I hope you will provide them as comments on the Facebook post that brought you to this sight or direct message me on Facebook Messenger if you are more comfortable with that method. 

Thank you for any assistance. 

Tom McMasters