Reducing traffic congestion on Chambersburg and Fishburg Rds

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Ward 1 Community meeting
Response to question about Chambersburg Road
During the recent Ward 1 community meeting a resident asked about improvements to the west sides of Chambersburg and Fishburg Roads.  Your council members correctly remembered that more than a year ago there was a proposal to TIF the new developments planned for that area.  If this would have been done last year this would have provided more than 80% of the funds needed for this project.  However, because of the way TIF funding works, every time a house is completed and gets added to the tax rolls, the amount of TIF dollars is reduced.  Council is about to let this project slip through their hands, unless you let them know they need to get on the stick and create the TIF District.  Though I reminded them of the urgency last Monday during citizen comments, this is not on the agenda for Tuesday's work session.  

The TIF proposal I made back in Oct 2017 can be found as an agenda item on the City Website

The video of that discussion can be watched from the City Website as well.

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