Road improvements on Old Troy before Riverside, Office Building vs Gas Station, Executive Session

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I am sure that if I had listened closely to the Aug 8th Work Session I could come up with more items to address.  However, I was scrubbing walls and didn't catch everything.  You might know that I am running for council and will be on the ballot in November.  Here are a couple take aways from what I heard while listening this morning. 

I don't know why council is wasting staff's time discussing building a sidewalk so that Dayton residents have an easier time walking to do business in Riverside.  

Councilmember Nancy Byrge has been advocating for the City of Huber Heights to build a sidewalk down Brandt Pike so that people can get to Riverside businesses like Kroger.  Currently, there is a walking path that starts at Kitridge that will let visitors to Thomas Cloud Park walk in an use the park.   The City definitely should put a sign up on the corner of Brandt and Kitridge to let everyone know that entrance is there.  I know that before I knew that entrance was on Kitridge, I walked down Brandt Pike to get to the main entrance and did not like that walk.  But it doesn't make sense to spend money on a redundant path when so much other road work is needed in places such as Old Troy Pike and Meerily Way.  As a councilmember, I know there will be times when we need to do two things at once.  Yes, we will be repaving interior roads.  For instance this next project will be over toward Harshmanville.  Yes, when Chambersburg road is widened on the west side of town, we will include a bike path.  But on the other hand the city should not be spending money that could be saved for the major revitalization that is needed on Old Troy Pike on a redundant sidewalk.  

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Should the property WAWA wants to build on be rezoned from Office to Commercial.

I was hoping council would have had more of a discussion on how changing the zoning would affect the make-up of that area as well as the potential tax differences.   What kind of Offices did the city envision would go in that area when they zoned the property for Office buildings?  How much income tax would those kinds of offices generate versus the income tax the gas station will generate?  How long until there is a need for that kind of office space in the city?  Aren't there empty lots or soon to be empty lots that are already zoned/used for gas stations.  How likely are they going to be useful and generating tax revenue in the near future?   Personally, I don't think that I would vote to rezone at this time.  I might change my mind depending on the answers to the questions above, but now I am just disappointed the current council doesn't think knowing this kind of information is needed for them to make an intelligent decision.  

Executive Session violations still exist:

At the end of the meeting council went into executive session.  One of the pretenses given was," NUMBER ONE, TO CONSIDER THE SALE OR OTHER DISPOSITION OF UNNEEDED PROPERTY BY COMPETITIVE BID." There isn't a chance in the world this council was considering putting up a piece of property we own through a competitive bidding process unless it is something such as an old fire truck or police car and they would not go into executive session for that kind of property.   

Here is a link to the August 8th Worksession.