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There probably are a couple more years on the City's trash contract with Republic but I do not think it is too early to compliment the job Republic is doing.

This week the garage got clean and I had a lot of items out front. This morning Republic came and took it all away. I have said it before, Karen Kaleps did a good job organizing the RFP and Jim Borland did a great job in choosing the right company. We all benefit from the cost savings and I could not be happier with being able to put out items like beds and couches (call company first) and have them taken at the road.

Of course, there was a small hope that they would not take everything. In the pile were some of the first wooden signs with reflective letters that read "McMasters for Congress" I made a few years ago. A small part of me was hoping they would still be in the yard these 8 years later.