Town Center and Home

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I just returned from visiting my parents on Father's day.  My parents still live in the house they bought in 1969.  Saturday night we were out on their back porch and we could hear music coming from a house a mile away.  It was the exact music I would be listening to when I was in high school.  I am not one that reminisces very much, but sitting there looking out on their back yard, I could not help but notice the similarities between the view there and the view you can see from my back porch here in Huber Heights.  

Earlier that day we went to the farmers market in the town of Hamburg NY.  Hamburg is the closest town center to my parents house.  I could not help but compare the area where I grew up to the vision I imagine when people talk about a town center here in Huber Heights.  

Sign to Hamburg NY Farmers Market   Mom Dad and I at the Hamburg Farmers Market
Entry from Main Street   Happy Shoppers
The Palace Theater is in the back of the photo

Movie Theater, Gazebo and Bowling   Marigolds for sale
Here is the Palace Theater as seen through the Peace Park   I thought it was pretty cool there was a whole display
dedicated to selling the Huber Heights City Flower

The Palace Theater is where I saw my first movie, "The Jungle Book".  Classic old theater.  You have to go upstairs to find the single toilet bathroom used by both men and women.  A couple doors down is Braymiller Lanes, the town bowling alley.  
Main Street Hamburg   Main Street Hamburg
Views from Main St   Views from Main Street
The red areas mark the bike lanes.  The bike lanes come between car traffic and on street parking. 
They put in roundabouts.  The area between the flowers and the road is brick.  Since they had to squeeze the round about into this small area, the brick area was designed so large trucks could drive over the them as they made the turn.  


Hamburg is a great little town.  Driving through the town not only do they have these two traffic circles there are at least three others.  We made a big mistake putting in a red light in when we re-did the Chambersburg / Bellefontaine intersection.  It was and still is the perfect place to put in a traffic circle.  

As nostalgic and romantic a picture the concept of a town center paints in my mind, I do not ever imagine it for Brandt Pike.