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News: City Attorney implements improved Executive Session Procedure

Many of you probably didn't know that I withdrew my lawsuit against the city after the judge made a decision on my motion for summary judgment.  Even though my effort did not result in a clear and unambiguous legal ruling about the Open Meetings Act I am pleased to see the the City Attorney adopted one of my contentions and implemented a useful change during the last work session.  


News: Road improvements on Old Troy before Riverside, Office Building vs Gas Station, Executive Session

I am sure that if I had listened closely to the Aug 8th Work Session I could come up with more items to address.  However, I was scrubbing walls and didn't catch everything.  You might know that I am running for council and will be on the ballot in November.  Here are a couple take aways from what I heard while listening this morning. 

I don't know why council is wasting staff's time discussing

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